Learn about the City of Humboldt's mill rates, property tax and assessment process.

Property Assessment

Property assessment is a key part of the municipal taxation process.  Assessment is the process of valuing all properties within a jurisdiction using a specified appraisal technique.

Municipal Councils have a limited role in the property assessment process.

The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is an independent agency, bound by provincial legislation, that provides property assessment services to Saskatchewan municipalities.  The City of Humboldt's Assessor works with SAMA to determine reliable assessment values for local properties.  Properties are re-assessed every four years.  2017 was a reassessment year in Saskatchewan.

Assessment values are used to calculate the amount of taxes that will be charged to the owner of a property. 

Reassessment is not about increasing or decreasing the amount of tax revenue collected by the City of Humboldt.  The assessed value of a property is just one of the factors used to determine overall taxes.

It is important to recognize that property assessment values may not necessarily reflect market value growth, except when reassessment updates occur every four years.  When property assessments are calculated, a base date is selected and the assessment reflects the value of the property as it would have existed on that base date.

Visit SAMA's website to learn more about the property assessment process or contact the City of Humboldt's Assessor by phone at (306) 682-2525 ext. 303 or by email at assessor@วิเคราะห์บอล8888 www.skywalkerrobotics.com.

Property Taxation

The basis for determining property taxes is property assessments.

Once property assessments have been determined by SAMA, City Council sets a mill rate.  A mill rate is the amount of tax paid per $1,000 of assessed property value - one mill is one-tenth of a cent ($0.001).  Mill rate factors also may be used by City Council to redistribute the amount of total taxes paid by each property class.

A base tax is a tax tool where a specified dollar amount per unit is added to the municipal portion of each tax bill, regardless of its assessed value.  Implementing a base tax increases the property tax paid on lower-assessed properties and decreases the property tax paid on higher-assessed properties.  A base tax does not increase or decrease the total taxes collected by the municipality.

Saskatchewan municipalities must also collect education property taxes from property owners, based on tax rates that are set by the provincial government.  Every Saskatchewan citizen is required to pay education tax.  Municipalities remit these taxes to local boards of education.  The City of Humboldt collects education taxes on behalf of the Horizon School Division and the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division.  The municipality does not keep any portion of education taxes.  วิเคราะห์บอล8888Learn more about the education tax system in Saskatchewan here.

School Tax Declaration is a declaration of faith, not of school support.  If you wish to declare or change your School Tax from one School Board to another based on your faith, please use this form and submit it to City Hall.

The following formula outlines how municipal property taxes are determined:

Base tax + [ (Taxable Property Assessment x Municipal Mill Rate x Mill Rate Factor) ÷ 1,000 ]

The following breakdown represents the approved municipal mill rate, mill rate factors and base tax amounts that make up the City of Humboldt's 2017 municipal property tax calculation:

Mill Rate 7.70 mills
Mill Rate Factor  
Agricultural 0.74 mills
R.M. Agricultural 1.195 mills
Residential / Multi-unit Residential (Condos) 0.74 mills
Apartments 1.25 mills
Commercial/Industrial 2.20 mills
Malls / Hotels/Motels 2.20 mills
Base Tax Amounts on Property Classes  
Agricultural Property $500
Commercial/Industrial $500
Commercial/Industrial Vacant Land $500
Multi-Residential (Condos) $500
Multi-Unit Residential Apartments  $500
Residential Property $500
Residential Vacant Property $500
Railway $500


Your bill may also contain the following property taxes/levies:

  • Hospital
  • Infrastructure
  • Road Rehabilitation
  • Business Improvement District
  • Outstanding account balances
  • Costs incurred by the City to do bylaw work
  • Phase-in adjustments (on commercial/industrial class properties only)

The Hospital tax was intended to cover the payment of the City of Humboldt's portion of debt incurred due to the construction of the Humboldt District Health Complex. As enough revenue has been raised to pay for this amount, 2017 will see final tax adjustments on this as this is the last year this tax will be included on your Tax Notice.

The Infrastructure tax is intended to generate funds for ongoing asset management of the City's vital water and sewer infrastructure; it was first implemented in 2013. This tax is based on the following:

  • A Flat Rate of $130 per residential property; or
  • A Flat Rate of $130 per unit for multi-unit residential properties; or
  • An amount per commercial property assessment value.

For 2017, commercial properties are based on the following:

Assessment Amount
Less than $150,000 $130
 $150,000 - $249,999 $260
 $250,000 - $349,999 $390
 $350,000 - $449,999 $520
 $450,000 - $549,999 $650
 $550,000 - $649,999 $780
 $650,000 - $749,999 $910
 $750,000 - $849,999 $1,040
 $850,000 - $949,999 $1,170
 $950,000 - $1,049,999 $1,300
 $1,050,0000 -$1,499,999 $1,950
 $1,500,000 - $1,999,999 $2,600
$2,000,000 and above $3,250


The Road Rehabilitation tax is intended to generate funds for ongoing roadway repairs and maintenance; it was first implemented in 2014.  This tax is based on the following:

  • A Flat Rate of $65 per residential property; or
  • A Flat Rate of $65 per unit for multi-unit residential properties; or
  • An amount per commercial property assessment value.

For 2017, commercial properties are based on the following:

Assessment Amount
Less than $150,000 $65
$150,000 - $249,999 $130
$250,000 - $349,999 $195
$350,000 - $449,999 $260
$450,000 - $549,999 $325
$550,000 - $649,999 $390
 $650,000 - $749,999 $455
 $750,000 - $849,999 $520
 $850,000 - $949,000 $585
 $950,000 - $1,049,999 $650
 $1,050,000 - $1,499,999 $975
 $1,500,000 - $1,999,999 $1,300
$2,000,000 and above $1,625


The bylaw governing the City's mill rates and base taxes can be found on our Bylaws page.

The City of Humboldt's taxation year is the same as the calendar year - January 1 to December 31.  Tax notices are mailed out in May/June.  Tax payments are due by July 31 of each calendar year.

Visit our Payment Options page for information on how to pay your taxes.