The City of Humboldt maintains two cemeteries within the City's boundaries.  Humboldt Public Cemetery is located on Highway #20 North and St. Augustine Cemetery is located on Highway #5 East. Traditional burial plots, cremation burial plots, and a veteran's section are available.

Within St. Augustine Cemetery, the City also offers a columbarium option for those wanting above-ground interment. The columbarium allows for 60 niche units, with each unit holding up to two urns. Each unit comes with a bronze door plaque, which is included in the purchase of a niche and which may be customized with the names and dates of loved ones.

Mounting a memorial plaque is another option for remembrance, with a memorial wall available on each end of the columbarium. A memorial plaque may be purchased separately through the City and may be customized with the names and dates of loved ones.   

Please view the Cemetery Bylaw which provides detailed information about columbarium interment and cemetery fees and services.

Maps, plans and cemetery records are available at City Hall during regular business hours.