Stay up-to-date with the City in the following ways:

City Briefs

Informational highlights that provide an informal report of what's happened at Council meetings.

City Bulletin

Biweekly news and event information within 'The Stew' community publication.

City Fact Sheets

Seasonal, postcard-sized handouts on various topics, such as, mosquito control, weed spraying or snow removal.  Hard copies are available at City Hall and the Humboldt Uniplex.

City Life

Humboldt's resident eNewsletter is distributed on the third Monday of each month. Sign up on the homepage to receive updates on upcoming events, programs and services - straight to your inbox!

City Minute

Weekly, topical radio segments that air Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (September-June) at 11:40 AM on 107.5 Bolt FM.

City News

Weekly news, public notices and announcements on City processes, programs and services as published in the Humbolt Journal.

Community Guide

This biannual publication includes community activity and program information and also includes details on essential City services.

Social Media

Residents can find the City of Humboldt on Facebook and Twitter!