The City of Humboldt's planning and development activities are governed through the Planning and Development Act, 2007 as well as the City's Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw.

Getting Started

In order to help you get your development or construction project started and to ensure you obtain all the required permits and documentation, view the Steps to be Followed informational sheet.

Development and Building Permitting

Development proponents must contact the City prior to formal application submission in order to review the project and clarify information or issues related to the processing of an application.

Anthony Andre, Planning Coordinator
Tel  (306) 682-2525, ext. 304
Fax (306) 682-3144


As well, the Ministry of Government Relations, Community Planning Branch offers A Guide to the Municipal Planning Process in Saskatchewan that provides an overview to the planning process in Saskatchewan.

Development Permit

A Development Permit is required for most types of development in the City of Humboldt.  The permit ensures compliance with the Zoning Bylaw and authorizes the appearance, location, size and use of a building in any particular lot.  Certain buildings and land uses are only allowed in certain areas of the city in order to create comfortable residential settings as well as functional business environments. (See Development & Building Permits brochure.)

Development permits are to be issued for:

  • All new residential development and/or redevelopments, including multi-unit developments;
  • All new commercial developments;
  • All new industrial developments;
  • Commercial and industrial business relocations, move-ins or change-of-use;
  • Additions to multi-family, commercial and industrial buildings;
  • Significant changes to the exterior of multi-family, commercial or industrial buildings.

Zoning regulates such land uses, with each parcel within Humboldt assigned to a zone which describes how the land may be used.

Building Permit

A building permit grants you legal permission to start construction with the knowledge that the submitted drawing(s) comply with appropriate governmental regulations.  In addition, the building permit provides the means to enforce the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada, 2010, the City of Humboldt's Building Bylaw (which includes the Building Permit fee structure) as well as other laws and standards to ensure construction compliance and safety.  A building permit will not be issued unless a development permit, when required, has been granted first.

A building permit is needed for the construction of a new building, addition or alteration of any building or structure including:

  • Building construction (over 100 square feet) and additions;
  • Raised patios and decks (see Decks brochure);
  • Attached or detached garages (see Accessory Buildings brochure);
  • Foundation changes;
  • Enlarging of doors or windows;
  • Installing additional plumbing fixtures;
  • Basement development;
  • Renovations that involve significant structural, electrical or mechanical changes. 

Applicants may have to contact one or more of the following agencies to get specific information about other work that may need to be conducted outside of the scope of the development proposal (e.g. applications for subdivision, utility service connections, line locates, etc.).  No permits are required to construct a fence (see Fences brochure).

 Agency  Request  Telephone
 Community Development Dept.  Development Permits  (306) 682-2525, ext 304
 Public Works & Utilities Dept.  Service connections  (306) 682-2525, ext 305
 REACT Waste Management  Landfill information  (306) 682-1955
 Humboldt Fire Dept.  Building, fire and safety code issues  (306) 682-2525, ext 322
 Ministry of Environment    1-800-567-4224
 Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure  Highway commercial developments  (306) 933-8333
 Ministry of Government Relations  Applications for subdivision  (306) 933-6937
 SaskPower  Electrical power services  1-888-757-6937
 SaskEnergy  Natural gas services  1-800-567-8899
 SaskTel  Telephone services  1-844-727-5835
 Sask 1st Call  Line locates  1-866-828-4888
 Information Services Corporation  Land Title information, lot dimensions  1-866-275-4721


*Applicants are advised that failure to obtain the necessary permits may result in a fine, as per the Planning and Development Act, 2007, Section 243(1).

**Failure to comply with all conditions as set out in the Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act, specifically Section 22(1), will result in fines.

Mike Kwasnica, Building Inspector
Tel  (306) 682-2525, ext. 322
Fax (306) 682-4485
Email  mike.kwasnica@ วิเคราะห์บอล8888  


Sign Permit

Within Humboldt, certain signs are regulated through bylaw.  To install permanent signage at your site, or on your building, a sign permit must be obtained (see Permanent Sign brochure).

Development and Building Review Process

 Inquiry and Pre-Consultation - REQUIRED  Check with the Planning Coordinator to see if the site is properly zoned, that the proposed project complies with City bylaws and/or legislation, review any potential issues and identify supporting materials (e.g. reports, studies, plans, etc.).
 Application and Fee Submission

 A complete application includes all required supporting materials, the Development and Building Permit Application Form 'A' and $100 application fee. Acknowledgement of a complete application will be done within 3 business days.

 Review Process  Applications will be reviewed within 10 business days. It is important to note the type and complexity of the application has a direct effect upon review and processing times. Processing begins only when an application is deemed complete.
 Issuance of Permit(s) and/or Requests for Further Information  If all conditions are met for approval, the Planning Coordinator will advise and forward the Development and/or Building Permit(s). An applicant may be asked to submit further information, revisions or other items until all conditions are satisfactorily met for the project to proceed.


It is important to note that the type and complexity of the application has a direct effect upon the processing time.  Processing begins only when an application is complete.

Development Fees & Charges

Payment of development fees and/or charges, where applicable, is required, in accordance with the Bylaws of the City of Humboldt.  

Permit Time Period

The Development Permit will lapse if construction does not start within six months of the issuance date.  This period may be extended by the Development Officer, if requested by the applicant in writing; rationale will have to be provided. 


Development permit decisions and conditions of approval can be appealed to the Humboldt Development Appeals Board.  Appeals are made by notifying the Secretary, in writing, to:

City of Humboldt Development Appeals Board
c/o Development Appeals Board Secretary
P.O. Box 640 
Humboldt, SK  S0K 2A0 


Appeals must be made within 30 days from the issuing of the Development Permit notice of decision.  A fee of $50, payable to the City of Humboldt, is required for every appeal.

Infrastructure Standards


Please contact the Public Works & Utilities Department for maps and other geographically referenced data.

Community and Zoning maps are available here.

Available Properties

The City of Humboldt has select residential, commercial and industrial properties available for sale.  Other, privately-owned property is also available throughout Humboldt.  For current listings, contact any of the following agencies.