The Humboldt Area Arts Council promotes the visual arts in Humboldt through sponsorship of exhibits. The Council provides funds for touring exhibits from the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC) displayed in the Humboldt and District Gallery.  

The Humboldt Area Arts Council was formed in 1974 and focused on all aspects of the arts. The Council sponsored concerts, displays and exhibits in all areas. The group sponsored a large number of performances, many taking place at the Sutherland Theater in Humboldt Collegiate and including Canadian Brass, Liona Boyd, Maureen Forrester, Andre Gagnon, Stompin’ Tom Conner, John Allan Cameron and Valdy. The performing arts committee of the council has since discontinued, but Arts Humboldt now brings performing arts opportunities to Humboldt and area residents.

Today, the Humboldt Area Arts Council focuses on the visual arts by sponsoring art exhibits and workshops as well as performing arts presenters at the Humboldt & District Gallery. See for a full listing of upcoming exhibits and programs.

Thanks to the following for their support of the Humboldt Area Arts Council: