Humboldt Youth Council

The Humboldt Youth Council started as an initiative from City Council to engage our youth in the community. The program started at the end of August and students applied to be a part of the council in September. The first official Youth Council meeting took place on October 30 at City Hall. Each meeting is ran by using Robert’s Rules of Order and contains an educational and discussion piece. The educational portion of each meeting teaches the students about local governance and procedures. The discussion piece provides the opportunity for the students to discuss amongst one another on initiatives that affect youth in our community. There is a total of six Youth Councillors for 2017/2018. There is at least one student from each of Humboldt’s four local schools on the council.

Youth Council 2017 - 2018

Taylor Waldbillig - Grade 9 - HCI

Spencer Possberg - Grade 8 - St. Dominic

Georgina Doyle - Grade 9 - HCI

Abby Dalsin - Grade 8 - St. Augustine School

Hannah Mulhern - Grade 8 - Humboldt Public School

Payten Klitch - Grade 9 - HCI