Recognizing and protecting places that have heritage value is an important part of planning for the future. By retaining heritage buildings, structures and landscapes, we not only retain the character of our community, we also contribute to their social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

The Heritage Property Act provides for the preservation, interpretation, and development of heritage resources in Saskatchewan. Any building, structure or site that is significant for its cultural, historical, architectural, environmental, archaeological, paleontological, scientific or aesthetic value may be designated as municipal heritage property.

This enabling legislation empowers municipal governments to designate - by bylaw - places as Municipal Heritage Property. Municipalities play a key role in recognizing, protecting, conserving, and promoting heritage in their communities.

What Designation Does:

1. Publicly and formally RECOGNIZES a property’s heritage value.  A property’s heritage value is formally recognized in the community through public notice and a designation bylaw. Once designated, the property is further recognized by its listing on both the Saskatchewan Register of Heritage Property and the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

2. Legally PROTECTS the property’s heritage value.  A heritage interest is registered on the property’s title which protects it from unauthorized changes and unauthorized demolition. The municipality ensures that any proposed alterations or changes will not significantly impact the heritage value and character-defining elements of the property.

3. Encourages GOOD STEWARDSHIP.  Historic places are community assets that benefit everyone. Careful and responsible management of these assets can provide social, economic, and environmental benefits to communities, and creates a lasting legacy for the future.

4. Makes a property eligible for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE.  A property must be designated to be eligible for funding through the community partnership programs of the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation.

Designation Does Not:

  • restrict the use or ownership of a property;
  • require it to become a museum;
  • require it to be frozen in time;
  • require it to be restored to its original purpose;
  • obligate the owner to open it to the public.


In Humboldt, four buildings have been designated as municipal heritage property – the Humboldt and District Museum building, the Water Tower, the Court House and the Humboldt and District Gallery building. Several of these buildings have been renovated and improved to ensure their continued use by the community in a safe and accessible manner.

The Original Humboldt site, owned by the City of Humboldt, was designated as Municipal Heritage Property by the R.M. of Humboldt.


For further information about designating a heritage property in Humboldt, please contact:

Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee
Tel  (306) 682-5226, ext. 3