All permits and licenses must be processed and paid for at City Hall.


You must obtain a license from the City of Humboldt if you own a dog or a cat or operate a business in Humboldt that does not pay commercial taxes.


Animal License

Dog and cat licenses are issued for each calendar year - January 1 to December 31.  Any dog or cat over the age of three months requires an annual license.  The annual license fee for each animal is $40 and is payable at City Hall.  If a veterinarian's certificate is produced that shows the animal has been spayed or neutered, the annual license fee is only $15.

View the City's Dog & Cat Control Bylaw here.


Business License (Updated for 2017)

All home-based businesses, direct sellers or businesses that do not pay commercial taxes within the City are required to purchase a business license.  These must be purchased at City Hall.

View the City's Business License Bylaw here.


You must obtain a permit if you will be undertaking development, building or demolition activities or using a fire pit within the City of Humboldt's boundaries.


Development/Building & Demolition Permits

Development and Building Permit applicants must contact the City's Planning Coordinator prior to formal application of submission in order to clarify issues related to the processing of their application(s).

Development Permits

A Development Permit is required for most types of development in the City of Humboldt, including the installation of permanent signs.  The permit ensures compliance with the Zoning Bylaw and approves the appearance, location, size and use of a building in any particular lot.  

Certain buildings and land uses are only allowed in certain areas of the City in order to create comfortable residential environments and appropriate businesses settings.  

Learn more about this process 

Building Permits

A Building Permit grants you legal permission to start construction with the knowledge that the submitted drawings comply with appropriate governmental regulations.  As well, the Building Permit provides the means to enforce the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada, the City of Humboldt's Building Bylaw, along with other laws and applicable standards to ensure compliance and safety during construction.

A Building Permit will not be issued unless a Development Permit, when required, has been granted first.  

Saskatchewan uses the National Building Code of Canada as the minimum standard for the construction and renovation of buildings throughout the province.  The National Fire Code of Canada is also used as the minimum standard for the fire safe operation of buildings and facilities within Saskatchewan.

The City of Humboldt's Fire Chief is also the Chief Building Inspector for the municipality and is required to inspect all construction to ensure compliance with these requirements.

Plumbing Permit

Looking to do some plumbing work in Humboldt? Please see the latest Plumbing Permit Application below:

Plumbing Permit Application

Fire Pit Permit

A fire pit permit is required before constructing or using outdoor fire pits within municipal boundaries.

A permit will only be issued to registered property owners or renters with a written letter of approval from the property owner.  There is a one-time cost of $20 for a fire pit inspection, payable at City Hall.

Please refer to the following guidelines regarding the installation and use of recreational fire pits:

  • Fire pits must be contained in a manufactured, non-combustible receptacle that is designed for use as a fire pit;
  • The receptacle must be covered with a heavy-gauge metal screen;
  • The receptacle must be located on private property at a distance of at least 10 feet/3 meters from buildings, decks, fences, trees, etc.; and
  • The base of the fire pit should be of non-combustible material such as gravel, sand or stone.

Contact the City of Humboldt's Fire Chief at (306) 682-2525 ext. 324 to arrange for a fire pit inspection.