The City of Humboldt is a developer of select land within municipal boundaries and also has a number of lots available for sale in prime locations throughout the city.

Property sales are divided into the following categories:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential

Click here to view a map of lots that are currently for sale. Or, for more information, please email us at info@วิเคราะห์บอล8888


Civic addresses and lot dimensions are contained within each document.

Please note the installation of natural gas, power and sewer services are required on industrial lots; owners are responsible for all costs associated with these service installations.

The City of Humboldt also offers two incentive programs related to residential and downtown development.

The Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption Policy aims to improve the image and attractiveness of commercial properties within the downtown area and the Infill Lot Tax Exemption Policy encourages residential development in specific areas of the city through a tax abatement on new housing.

While every effort is made to keep this information up-to-date, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (306) 682-2525 regarding current lot availability, prices and purchasing requirements or click through to view the Residential Lot Sales and Conditions of Sale Policy.