Special projects include activities initiated by the City or done in partnership with other organizations or agencies.

Centennial Park Planning & Development

At 50 acres, Centennial Park is the largest park space within Humboldt and surrounds the Humboldt Uniplex, Humboldt Collegiate Institute (HCI) and Carlton Trail College (CTC).

In 2009, a Centennial Park Master Plan was completed with input from the community, staff and Council members.  Further development of outdoor sports fields, trails and recreational space emerged as priorities from this process.

Since then, further discussions with HCI, CTC and other strategic partners has taken place.

A summary of community and stakeholder consultations was presented to Council in August 2014 by the consultant assisting with moving the initiative forward.  

In 2016, Council decided to start on this project by jointly addressing stormwater drainage within the park and for the community.  A stormwater management and drainage plan was developed, with construction taking place over 2016-2017. This work is vital and will lay the foundation for future Centennial Park development.

As the City moves forward to develop these grounds, Council will strive to represent a balanced interest of sport, culture and recreation for the entire community.

Multi-Purpose Facility Feasibility and Design Study

Striving to continue to offer a high quality of life for residents, the City engaged consultants P3 Architecture Partnership (P3A) to study the feasibility and design of a proposed multi-purpose facility addition to the Humboldt UNIPLEX.

The need for a comprehensive study arose from previous work done with stakeholders through the Centennial Park Planning & Development process; this process identified cultural and recreational gaps and opportunities in the community ... and for the region.

In December 2015, a final report was produced for City Council by P3A that considered a wide variety of factors and integrated public feedback.  Click on the cover to download the document.  Council is now deliberating how to move forward with a large, multi-year community project such as this.

SaskPower Combined Heat & Power Technology Project

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is the production of two forms of useful energy from a single source.  Also known as energy recycling, CHP takes "waste" heat from an electrical generating process and recycles it to provide a valuable heat source for another application.

The City of Humboldt has partnered with SaskPower on a unique demonstration project at the Humboldt Aquatic Centre that uses CHP technology to capture and recycle energy within the facility. Read the official media release here.

As an efficient and clean source of energy, this project will result in reduced energy costs for the facility.  It also demonstrates how CHP technology can be successfully integrated into municipal operations.

Learn more about how the CHP process works through the following video: