Stormwater that flows into the sewers from the surface (streets, yards, etc.) is referred to as stormwater.  This includes snow melt, rain, and excess water from watering your lawn or garden.  

Managing stormwater is necessary to control flooding and reduce impacts on people and property.

In several areas of Humboldt, old infrastructure construction (e.g. weeping tile systems) were built to drain stormwater directly into the sanitary sewer system.  However, as per City Bylaw 21/2010, stormwater drainage must be directed outside and into the separate system that contains stormwater only.

Draining into the sanitary sewer, a system not designed to accommodate excess water, may result in sewer back-ups as well as contribute to flooding in instances of extreme weather.

To address this, the City is doing its part by continuing to upgrade its stormwater systems, such as:

  • The upgrading of two lift station pumps and force mains;
  • Installing superpipes to hold excess sanitary sewer water;
  • Creating a stormwater detention pond in St. Elizabeth's Park;
  • Installing a major drainage pipeline along east 11th Avenue;
  • Designing additional stormwater detention in Centennial Park; and
  • Planning for future stormwater improvements.

Help do your part by:

  • Installing a sump pump system and directing sump pump drainage outside;
  • Installing and regularly maintaining a backwater valve to help prevent sewer back-ups;
  • Ensuring your home's weeping tile system directs drainage outside;
  • Ensuring downspouts direct water away from your property;
  • Keeping gutters free of debris; and
  • Making sure surface water from your lot is drained to side yards or towards the street.

Managing our community's stormwater is everyone's responsibility.


Photos L-R: Downspout drain; backwater valve; sump pump.

Spring Melt Tips

Prepare for Spring Melt!

Help protect your property from water issues each spring:

  • Shovel snow away from your house
  • Inspect your property for possible obstructions that prevent water from flowing away from your home
  • Ensure your sump pump is in good working condition and your outside drain line is clear
  • If you have a backwater valve, check that it is clear and in good working order
  • Check to make sure your gutters are clear so melting snow can drain properly
  • Ensure your downspouts drain water several feet away from your home’s foundation

Doing the above helps protect your home, your neighbour's home and your neighbourhood from potential water issues such as seepage, flooding and back-ups. 

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