Zoning is the process of planning for land use by a municipality to allow certain kids of structures in certain areas.  Zoning also includes restrictions in different areas, such as the height of buildings, use of green space, density, use of lots or types of businesses.

When building or renovating a property, you must take into consideration the zoning regulations.  All land within the City is assigned a zone.

In Humboldt, there are five types of zoning.


  • R1 - Residential, Low Density
  • R2 - Residential, Medium Density
  • R3 - Residential, Higher Density/Mixed Use
  • R4 - Residential, Acreage
  • R5 - Residential, Mobile Homes


  • C1 - Commercial, Core
  • C2 - Commercial, Medium Density
  • C3 - Commercial/Industrial Mixed Use


  • M1 - Industrial, Light
  • M2 - Industrial, Heavy


  • CS - Community Service/Institutional
  • UH - Urban Holding


Download and view the City of Humboldt's zoning map(s).

The City of Humboldt's Zoning Bylaw outlines the rules that specify how a property may be developed and used.  View the Zoning Bylaw and related documents here.

In certain circumstances, an amendment may be made to the Zoning Bylaw (see Zoning Amendments brochure).

For more information about the City's zoning requirements, contact the Community Development Dept. at (306) 682-2525, ext 304.